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Dent-All's US Vision Plan is a Discount Preferred Provider Network (DPPN). Unlike vision insurance our plan has no waiting periods, no limitations or exclusions, no annual/lifetime maximums, and no claim forms. Simply visit a Dent-All's Nationwide Vision Plan Provider, show your member card, and pay the adjusted bill. Dent-All's US Vision Plan is your simple solution to vision benefits!

Q: What Is the UNA Rx Discount Card?
A: UNA Rx Discount Card is a program that offers savings to people who don't have coverage for prescription drugs. Additionally, those with coverage may sometimes pay less money by using this program due to high co-pay amounts and because some drugs are excluded from coverage.

Q: Who can use the card?
A: The membership card can be used by the card owner and all dependents living in the house.

Q: How much money will I save with Rx Discounts?
A: You can save up to 75% on your prescriptions. Savings vary by drug and pharmacy location. You can view our actual savings report to get an idea of what you can expect to save.

Q: When can I start saving money?
A: Immediately. Bring the card to one of the participating pharmacies and start saving money.

Q: How much do members save on vision fees?
A: Members can save up to 60% on vision products and services. You can view savings by visiting MEMBER BENEFITS.

Q: How many times can I use my Rx Discount Card?
A: You and your family may use the card as many times as needed during the year.

Q: How do I know where I can use my Rx Discount Card?
A: For more information about coverage or network pharmacy locations, please call our Subscriber HelpLine at 877-321-6755.

Q: Do I have to pay any money up front?
A: No. Because this program is not health insurance, there are no up-front fees. You can also use your Rx Discount Card immediately for any prescribed medicines. You will save money at the time of purchase.

MS of A Dent All
MS of A Dent-all Representative
Mr. Wes Ryan: 281-894-5080

P.O. Box 1418
Tomball, TX 77377-1418

Dent-All Plan Member Services: 281-351-2484
Toll Free: 1-866-362-1517

Pharmacy Plan Toll Free: 1-877-321-6755