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50% rate increase for all enrolled participants
Rate Increase effective 9/1/2009
(This Plan is not available to new participants)


I've got major medical, why do I need a Cancer Plan?

When Cancer Strikes...

Expenses increase...
Travel & lodging to and from treatment, medication, co-pay, special diets, and treatment not covered by health insurance, etc.

Income decreases...
Missed work for both you and your spouse (will you be able to afford to have your spouse with you when you have to go for treatment?)

Direct medical cost represents about 40% of the cost when you are stricken with Cancer.
Source: The American Cancer Society's Cancer Facts & Figures 1998

How can you protect your financial resources?

Empty Checkbox Relatives
Empty Checkbox Savings
Empty Checkbox Liquidation of Assets
Empty Checkbox Loan
Plan Pays You!!
  • Major medical plan pays the doctor and hospital
  • This Plan pays money directly to you or a person designated by you
  • You can use the money any way you want
  • Pays regardless of other coverage
  • Covers certain transportation and lodging
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Donor Benefits
  • In and out of hospital benefits
  • Many benefits have no lifetime maximum
  • Portable (take it with you)
  • Renewable for life
Security for you and your family

Underwritten by Hartford Life Insurance Company
Rated "A+" Superior by A.M. Best

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Cancer & Dread Disease

Representative Lou Moore: 281-380-1488
Customer Service: 800-880-2776

P.O. Box 161690
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Fax: 512-327-1027

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